July 12, 2016

  Town of NEW HOPE P.O. Box 562               75070-0562         Collin County, TX

A regular monthly meeting of the Town of New Hope Board of adjustment/Planning & Zoning will be held on Tuesday, July 12, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. in the New Hope Town Hall, 121 Rockcrest Rd., in accordance with the following: Minutes

Item 1. Call to order and Roll call. Meeting convened at 7:39pm Present were Luke Martincevic, Ryan Cottam and Steve Taylor.  Joe Dudas participated via phone for the first part of the meeting and the in person. Absent was Paul Frueh. Also in attendance was Mayor Jeff Herbst.

Item 2 Discuss and take appropriate action concerning appointment of officers of the board.

Officers to Appoint:  Chairman, Vice Chairman.

Motion to appoint Luke Martincevic was made bt Ryan Cottam, seconded by Joe Dudas. Motion carried. Luke Martincevic appointed Chairman of P&Z.

Item 3 Discuss Boards duties, responsibilities and authority.

Mr Herbst discussed the councils wishes for the P&Z establishment, the request that they review and update all existing zoning regulations and ordinances. They were also tasked with evaluating reports from the code enforcement officer. They were presented with Texas local government code Sec. 211.001-007.5 as a reference to the legal definition of their duties and powers.

Item 4 Establish criteria for regular monthly meeting.

The board decided that they would hold regular meeting on the Thursday preceding each months council meeting.

Item 5. Items for future

 The board requested a list of currently occupied business in the town as well as any pending construction.  They also stated that they would be addressing a list of town priorities ate their next meeting. Prior to the next regular meeting the board will meet informally to discuss the evaluation of the code enforcers latest report.

Item 6.    Adjournment. Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm