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Town Council Meeting

Item 1.    Call to order and Roll call.

Public Comments:

A person may address the Council on items not on the printed agenda. Comments are limited to three (3) minutes per speaker with 45 minutes total time for all speakers. The Council may not comment or deliberate regarding such statements or comment during this period. Any discussion of the subject must be limited to a proposal to place the subject on the agenda for a future meeting.

Item 2.    Consent items: 

    • Minutes of previous meeting(s)

    • Treasurer’s report(s)

Item 3.       Report from Road Commissioner Terry Sanner. 

Item 4.       Report from Park Commissioner Omar Nunez. 

Item 5.       Report from Code Enforcement Officer Bob Mathews. 

Item 6.   Discuss and take action regarding Resolution 2018-001-R, a Resolution of the Town Council of the Town of New Hope, Texas, authorizing the issuance of the New Hope Cultural Education Facilities Finance Corporation Capital Improvement Revenue Bonds and the Projects to be acquired with the proceeds of such Bonds.

    Item 7.    Discuss and take action regarding Ordinance 2018-001, ordering a General Election to be administered by the Collin County Elections Administrator on May 5, 2018 for the purpose of electing a Mayor and two (2) Aldermen.  Update of election procedures from Collin County Elections Department meeting.

Item 8.     Discuss and take appropriate action on designing and purchasing markers for Pat Fowler Park.     

Item 9.  Take nominations for the Town liaison to the Code Enforcement officer and make appointment if appropriate.

Item 10.     Report on progress of request to TxDOT to conduct a traffic study for options to reduce hazardous or speeding vehicles driving on roads within the Town or other related dangerous concerns; discuss and take appropriate action regarding this request.

Item 11.    Items for future discussion.    

Item 12.    Set or confirm date(s) for next Town Council meeting on February 27, 2018.

Item 13.    Adjournment.






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