Application for Variance. Town of New Hope

The undersigned owner (contract owner) of property herein described hereby applies for a variance for the following described property.

1. That there are special circumstances or conditions applying to the land or building for which the variance is sought, which circumstances or conditions are peculiar to such land or building and do not apply generally to lands or buildings in the same district or neighborhood, and that said circumstances or conditions are such that strict application of New Hope’s ordinances would deprive that applicant of the reasonable use of such land or building.

2. That the granting of such variance will not be detrimental to the public welfare or injurious to the property or improvements in such zone or neighborhood which the property is located.

3. That the granting of the variance is necessary for the reasonable use of the land or building and that the variance as granted by the Board is the minimum variance that will accomplish this purpose.

4. That the literal enforcement and strict application of the provisions of the New Hope Code of Ordinances will result in an unnecessary hardship inconsistent with the general provisions and the intent of the Hew Hope Code and that in granting such variance the spirit of the New Hope Code will be preserved and substantial justice done.
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