Rockcrest Road closure

We have a collapsed culvert on Rockcrest. The repair job is big enough that we have called in Collin County under our interlock agreement to effect the repair.

Culvert collapse on Rockcrest road in New Hope Texas

This was most likely caused by the recent excessive rainfall. We are working to get it fixed as soon as possible, please bear with us.


Mayor Jess Herbst


"Thank you Mayor Herbst. 

We will get the road opened back up as soon as possible today.

We do not have a time frame on when the culvert replacement will happen just yet.  The power company has to top the trees away from the power lines before they can be removed.  Also, we have requested utility locates in the area as well.  If the utilities are clear, we don’t have an issue.  However, if utilities are over the culvert or impede the work in any other way, then we will have to re-evaluate the repair and cost.  As long as the utilities are good, we can make the repair fairly quickly, but it will have to be scheduled around our current road repairs.   


Thank you,  

Wayne Anderson

Collin County Public Works

Road and Bridge Superintendent"