Warning from Sheriff Skinner


Date: Monday, July 10, 2017 Time: 9:00 AM

Collin County Sheriff Jim Skinner is warning citizens throughout Collin County and the DFW Metroplex to be on the alert for a dangerous scam being perpetrated by individuals posing as Collin County Deputy Sheriffs.

Individuals posing as Deputy Sheriffs are calling citizens and advising them there has been a warrant issued for their arrest for failing to answer a jury summons. The citizen is directed to remain on the telephone and bring cash to the Sheriff's Office in McKinney where they are to meet the "deputy" in the parking lot in order to pay a fine. These criminals attempt to keep their victims on the phone in order to keep their victim from calling the real authorities while they are on the way to bring money.

Sheriff Skinner wants the public to know that NONE of our deputies, or ANY other law enforcement official, would EVER contact anyone and request they bring money to pay a fine. THIS IS A SCAM!! Law enforcement does NOT take money, in any form, from citizens for any purpose!! If you, or anyone you know, is contacted in this manner, please report this immediately to your local law enforcement authorities or the Collin County Sheriff's Office at (972) 547-5100.

We are actively investigating this scam and will pursue these fraudsters until they are captured. In the meantime, WE NEED YOUR HELP to spread the word about this scam to everyone you know and to report any communications you receive to law enforcement as soon as possible. Working together, we will put these crooks behind bars where they belong.

Sheriff Skinner has a message for these con artists: "It is only a matter of time...we have a fresh towel waiting in booking for your mug shot."


Media Release # SCAM



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