Election Debate

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A debate between the candidates for Mayor of the town of New Hope Texas will be held February28, 2018 7:00pm at Stone Crest Venue, 160 Rockcrest road, New Hope Texas.

The Public is encouraged to attend.

Citizens of New Hope, Texas may submit questions to the moderator Luke Martinceivic at luke.martincevic@newhopetx.gov. Please submit your questions by February 26, 2018 11:00pm.

Town council seeks appointed positions

The Town of New Hope is seeking citizens interested in filling the post of Liaison to the Code enforcement officer. Responsibilities would be to keep the code enforcement officer informed of issues that citizens seek to remedy and to keep the council informed of these cases and the progress of their investigation.

We are also seeking a webmaster to keep our web site up to date.

If you are interested in any of these posts, please come to the next council meeting and let the council know, or contact any member of the council via email.

2018 Election


It's election time again. Up for re-election are the Mayor, alderman Kimberly Barrow & alderman Bob Parmelee.

To run for office you must fill out the appropriate form and file with the New Hope Town Secretary. Registration opens January 17, 2018 and closes February 16, 2018 at 5:00pm. You must file between these dates to be placed on the ballot.

Application to run for Mayor.          Application to run for Alderman.

Download official signed notice





Notice is hereby given that applications for a place on the Town of New Hope Regular Election ballot may be filed during the following time:

(Se da aviso por la presente que las solicitudes para un lugar en la boleta de la Elección Regular de Town of New Hope se pueden presentar durante el siguiente horario:)

Filing Dates and Times: 

(Fechas y Horario para Entregar Solicitudes): 

Wednesday, January 1 7 , 2018

Start Date:            

Friday,February 1 6 , 201 8 at 5:00 P.M.

End Date:

miércoles, 17 de enero 2018

(Fecha Inicio )

Cerrado viernes, 16 de febrero 2018 , en 17:00

(Fecha Límite ):


Physical address for filing address in person for place on the ballot (Direcció n a fisica para presentar las solicitudes en persona para un lugar en la boleta):

Please contact:

Rita Petty  rita.petty@newhopetx.gov

or ( 972 ) 974 - 0098

 For an appointment to file application in person 



Address to mail applications for place on the ballot ( if filing by mail ) (Direcció n a donde enviar las solicitudes para un lugar en la boleta (en caso de presentar por correo )): 

Town of New Hope Texas

P .O. Box 562

McKinney, Texas 75070   

High Speed Internet

High - Speed Internet 


Grayson Collin Electric offers Residential internet service with speeds up to 50 Mbps to some areas. Currently they do not have a fiber loop that covers our area.

The Town Council of New Hope urging them to extend this service to out town. In order to do this we need to show that there are enough potential customers in this area to justify the cost of build out.

Below is a form that you can fill out to show your interest. This form does not in any way obligate you to purchase service from them, just that you would be interested in the service if it was available.



Please Fill Out this Form

(clicklink, or copy and paste this into your browser)


Budget & Tax Rate

tax graphoc.jpg

The Town of New Hope has adopted the official tax rate for the year 2017-2018.

The rate is $0.1960 per $100 of appraised value. This is the same rate as last year but if your home has risen in value it will represent an increase n the amount of tax you pay. 

Full document                Related Notices


Warning from Sheriff Skinner


Date: Monday, July 10, 2017 Time: 9:00 AM

Collin County Sheriff Jim Skinner is warning citizens throughout Collin County and the DFW Metroplex to be on the alert for a dangerous scam being perpetrated by individuals posing as Collin County Deputy Sheriffs.

Individuals posing as Deputy Sheriffs are calling citizens and advising them there has been a warrant issued for their arrest for failing to answer a jury summons. The citizen is directed to remain on the telephone and bring cash to the Sheriff's Office in McKinney where they are to meet the "deputy" in the parking lot in order to pay a fine. These criminals attempt to keep their victims on the phone in order to keep their victim from calling the real authorities while they are on the way to bring money.

Sheriff Skinner wants the public to know that NONE of our deputies, or ANY other law enforcement official, would EVER contact anyone and request they bring money to pay a fine. THIS IS A SCAM!! Law enforcement does NOT take money, in any form, from citizens for any purpose!! If you, or anyone you know, is contacted in this manner, please report this immediately to your local law enforcement authorities or the Collin County Sheriff's Office at (972) 547-5100.

We are actively investigating this scam and will pursue these fraudsters until they are captured. In the meantime, WE NEED YOUR HELP to spread the word about this scam to everyone you know and to report any communications you receive to law enforcement as soon as possible. Working together, we will put these crooks behind bars where they belong.

Sheriff Skinner has a message for these con artists: "It is only a matter of time...we have a fresh towel waiting in booking for your mug shot."


Media Release # SCAM



4300 Community Avenue, McKinney, Texas 75071 Main: 972. 547.5100 Metro: 972. 424.1433


Town Parked named

Pat Fowler saw our city park as a labor of love and devoted untold hours into it's creation.  The town council voted unanimously at the June 27, 2017 meeting to honor her memory by naming our town park - 'Pat Fowler Park' 

HWY 380 Update

TXDOT ( Texas Department of Trasportation) has contracted Burns & McDonnell to conduct a feasibility study for the east/west HWY 380 expansion.

Town officials have met with the firm and will be participating in a series of workshops to help guide this expansion for the benefit of the New Hope citizens.

New Hope email addresses

The Town of New Hope has just added email addresses for your town officials. You may directly contact the Mayor, Council, Town Secretary, Building Inspector, Code Enforcement officer or the Planning & Zoning board.

Mayor - Jess.Herbst@NewHopeTx.gov

Council - Council@NewHopeTx.gov

Town Secretary - Secretary@NewHopeTx.gov

Building Inspector - Building.Inspector@NewHopeTx.gov

Code Enforcement Officer - Code.Enforcement@NewHopeTx.gov

Planning & Zoning Board - Planning.Zoning@NewHopeTx.gov

Amazing residents

As your Mayor I wanted to share an email I received.  - Jess Herbst

"Dear Reader,

Ideally, this is meant for Mayor Jess Herbst, but I'm not sure of the rules that govern the city email service so I write this for any reader.

I wanted to express how proud I felt, lifted up after a long day of being beaten down, to see on my news feed my home town, and for such a wonderful reason. I have my first memories in New Hope, lived there until high school. During my time there, not only did I learn how to be a person, I found what it meant to be a person. Now, from my tiny apartment outside UT Austin, I am proud to say that my home town is teaching to the world the same message it impressed on me as a child. The community I was a part of in New Hope was the warmest one I have ever encountered, and I am still close to many of my now distant neighbors. They taught and are still teaching me how to be a better version of myself, an influence that should be felt by everybody.

A person is exactly who they say they are. There is no template that makes a human being. There are only ways to do it that have been done, and those that have not. It is every person's duty, their life's work, to tell the world a story about themselves, and it's time that people realized that there is no limit to their artistic freedom.


Many Thanks and Best Wishes,

Name Witheld

FM-1827 Construction

The Texas department of transportation is beginning a construction project on FM-1827 (New Hope Road)

The project is to widen the road to include shoulders from US 380 to FM-75. There is no timeline yet available. Currently there are survey crews assessing the existing road. 



Town Logo and Motto (Updated)

Thank you all for your input, the new logo received a majority of the votes ( all but one in fact) so the council will take up the business of voting on it's acceptance at the next meeting.

We also received a number of suggestions for a town motto. If you have one and wish to submit it, please just email it in by clicking on this link

Original post:

newhope new logo.jpg

New Hope has never had an official motto and the logo was designed in the 1980's


At the National Night out we will have a board with the proposed new logo and a suggestion box for mottos. You can vote to adopt the new logo, keep the old or suggest an alternative.

After we have talked the results the council will vote to reflect the citizens wishes.

 We will then post a list of suggested mottos on this web site and provide a voting link.