New Hope, Protection services and the growing population

New Hope has enjoyed a relatively stable population for many years. Unfortunately Collin county can not say the same.

Census data for 2000 & 2010, estimate for 2020 population

Census data for 2000 & 2010, estimate for 2020 population


The population of Collin county has exploded, and has been considered the fastest growing area in the country for several years.

Number of service calls for the Sheriffs department .

Number of service calls for the Sheriffs department .




All of this growth does not come without a penalty, as we have seen with the massive increase in traffic. Beyond the traffic is a rise in service calls for the Collin County Sheriffs office. These are the people that keep New Hope safe. While calls to New Hope have risen only a small amount, the remainder of the county has increased to the point where average response time has gone to unacceptable levels. 



As an incorporated town, we need the Sheriffs department services, without them we would have to pay for our own police department and all the supporting equipment involved. 

The solution is to add additional people to help cover the increased demand. To this end Sheriff Skinner has asked that the towns covered by is deputies help cover the cost of adding additional patrol officers. The county commissioners hopefully will bear the majority of the burden, but the increase needed is large.

I met with sheriff Skinner this morning and I agree with his plan. Because New Hope is small, with a small budget, he has asked for us to pay for just ¼ of the cost of one new officer. I feel this is a reasonable cost and far cheaper than New Hope providing our own protective services.

 Can we say no? Yes we can, but the cost to us would be increase response time and the possible repercussions from this.

I will be discussion this at the February 28, 2017 Town Hall Meeting and asking the council to provide the requested funds. All citizens are encouraged to attend and make your opinion known. There is a set time at the beginning of every meeting to express your thoughts.

Jess Herbst - Mayor the Town of New Hope


Amazing residents

As your Mayor I wanted to share an email I received. This one and many like it are not really for me, but for all of you, the wonderful people that make our community - Jess Herbst

"Dear Reader,

Ideally, this is meant for Mayor Jess Herbst, but I'm not sure of the rules that govern the city email service so I write this for any reader.

I wanted to express how proud I felt, lifted up after a long day of being beaten down, to see on my news feed my home town, and for such a wonderful reason. I have my first memories in New Hope, lived there until high school. During my time there, not only did I learn how to be a person, I found what it meant to be a person. Now, from my tiny apartment outside UT Austin, I am proud to say that my home town is teaching to the world the same message it impressed on me as a child. The community I was a part of in New Hope was the warmest one I have ever encountered, and I am still close to many of my now distant neighbors. They taught and are still teaching me how to be a better version of myself, an influence that should be felt by everybody.

A person is exactly who they say they are. There is no template that makes a human being. There are only ways to do it that have been done, and those that have not. It is every person's duty, their life's work, to tell the world a story about themselves, and it's time that people realized that there is no limit to their artistic freedom.

I'm elated to hear about all the support that has been poured out for the Mayor's transition, and I couldn't miss out on the opportunity to add my voice to the chorus.


Many Thanks and Best Wishes,

Name Witheld

FM-1827 Construction

The Texas department of transportation is beginning a construction project on FM-1827 (New Hope Road)

The project is to widen the road to include shoulders from US 380 to FM-75. There is no timeline yet available. Currently there are survey crews assessing the existing road. 



Town Logo and Motto (Updated)

Thank you all for your input, the new logo received a majority of the votes ( all but one in fact) so the council will take up the business of voting on it's acceptance at the next meeting.

We also received a number of suggestions for a town motto. If you have one and wish to submit it, please just email it in by clicking on this link

Original post:

newhope new logo.jpg

New Hope has never had an official motto and the logo was designed in the 1980's


At the National Night out we will have a board with the proposed new logo and a suggestion box for mottos. You can vote to adopt the new logo, keep the old or suggest an alternative.

After we have talked the results the council will vote to reflect the citizens wishes.

 We will then post a list of suggested mottos on this web site and provide a voting link.